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A Way to Let Go

Now, more than ever, we need a reliable way to de-stress and decompress after a busy day or week. Stress is implicated in many diseases and we need every tool in the toolbox available to find ways to feel better. TRE-the Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises- can assist the body in releasing deeply held patterns of stress and muscular tension.

TRE activates a natural mechanism in the body that all mammals have, of shaking or vibrating to release tension, which calms the nervous system and brings the body back to balance.

It might sound crazy, but this is completely natural. You might have noticed your dog shaking to calm himself after a thunderstorm. That’s why animals don’t have PTSD! They can shake out any upset and return to balance and rest. Humans, on the other hand, have been taught to hold it all inside. I remember being told when I was a young career woman: “Never let them see you shake.” Shaking is even pathologized as a “symptom” to be medicated away. When in fact, it is the body’s natural way of returning to calm resilience after stress or shock trauma.

TRE is a series of simple standard exercises that when done safely and comfortably act the same way for humans: to rid stress, release tension, calm the nervous system and return the body to balance. You’re completely in control of the shaking and can stop at any time should you become uncomfortable.

What can you expect in a session of TRE? Your certified TRE provider will walk you through a series of basic exercises to tire the core muscles. You’ll then lay on the floor and let your body undo stored fight/flight/freeze for the next 15-20 minutes. Your provider will keep you oriented and comfortable with the process.

TRE can provide the same benefits as exercise, mental health therapy and massage.

It’s beneficial for releasing everyday stressors, but also for deeper held stress and trauma like chronic pain or PTSD. We all know how stress makes our body change. Our muscles ache, our teeth clench, our eyes might twitch, and how the body holds on unless we find a way to let it go. In short, TRE is a way to “let go”.

Stay tuned here for an actual demonstration of what the TRE shaking looks like, and information about how you can safely learn to shake away stress!

Photo by Louise Vildmark on Unsplash

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