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Healthy Stress Management

There is a solution for dealing with painful stress: TRE

If you're like many Americans, you worry about your health, you wish you could change aspects of your physical body, and you're either under stress or have a background including trauma (or both!)

There's a method of addressing each of these concerns that is easily accessible to most people, is affordable, and effective: The Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises created by Dr David Berceli.

TRE is like any form of self care: it should be scheduled into your daily life so it doesn't get set aside. It can be incorporated into an exercise routine, done in the privacy of your own home, or with a certified TRE Provider. Even 10 minutes three times per week has been shown to improve one's quality of life. Some report reduction in stress, anxiety and back pain after TRE. It provides similar benefits as massage, mindfulness, and mental health counseling.

Check out one of our introductory sessions or call 402-885-4305 for an appointment today!

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