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TRE's web page for learning more about the exercises and their creator, Dr. David


A Marine and a Navy Seal with PTSD share about how TRE helped them release anger and stress.

What TRE Clients are Saying:

"When I was first introduced to TRE from Heather, I thought what type of witch doctor medicine is this? After it was explained that animals have this same release mechanism I figured I’d give a try. After the first session I realized how relaxed and good I felt, it was like getting a whole body massage but amplified. Since that first time I weekly go thru the exercises to help deal with stress. With first responder stress, home, family, and what nature puts our bodies thru, my body let’s me know when it’s time. It has even helped with my sleep and I have less sleep disturbances that keep me from getting adequate rest. Definitely will continue to use this!" T.S.J. 

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